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13.3″ inch, 8hr battery laptop for only $400.

I guess Bestbuy is clearing out inventory on these models. For this price you’d normally only get a 10″ underpowered netbook, or a battery-hogging last-years-AMD-CPU 15″ model.  Check it out:

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Convert MDI files from Office 2003 into an image file

MDI files were essentially Microsoft’s version of PDF. Support for the file was abandoned after Office 2003. If you have a number of important files locked away in this format and you need to view them, download the conversion tool here:

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Good deals on fax and business-class laser printer cartridges at Office Depot in Langley, BC

Office Depot in Langley is shutting down. Most deals are only so-so, but for Xerox, HP, and Brother fax and laser printer supplies, they’ve got some big discounts. Just a heads up.

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