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New Macbook Airs: DO NOT BUY 2GB MODEL!

Unless you literally only use it to surf the web, the 2GB models of the new Macbook Airs are NOT recommended, as the memory is attached directly to the motherboard, ie, NOT upgradable. Advertisements

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AVG: Oops! You’re system is now unbootable!

Yet another reason for switching to Microsoft Security Essentials:

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Still running a Pentium4 and Windows XP? Replace by 2012.

The expanded post is still coming (sorry, Cloverdale Computer Club… it’s taking while…), but here’s a reputable website’s take on the situation back in July:,2649-10.html Now here we are in December, only a month away from the baseline getting … Continue reading

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Insightful security diagram.

Check it out here: So, are YOU one of the many using “password” as their banking password?

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Beware Ad Hoc wireless networks.

It’s explained well here: Put simply, look before you connect to a new wireless network. If you want to prevent the chance of accidentally connecting to an Ad Hoc network, you can follow the instructions here:

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