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And so it begins… Macs getting infected.

Story is here:,12781.html#xtor=RSS-181 It looks like there are two rogue antiviruses (ie, an “antivirus” that isn’t, but rather an infection itself) going around:┬áMac Defender and Apple Security. Got a Mac? Got a proper antivirus yet?

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Corsair refurb flash drives: DO NOT BUY

I used to refurbish vacuums back in the day, so I knew the quality of my own work. I figured out the problem, and I addressed the problem, and then I tested to make sure the vacuum performed to my … Continue reading

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Got a Mac? Getting a Mac? Time to get anti-malware.

If anti-malware on Windows computers has historically been a “must”, whereas Mac computers had such software as “optional”…. well, it’s just become less “optional” on Macs. Let’s say, “strongly recommended”, quickly moving to “must”. ┬áThis is a good read explaining … Continue reading

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