Now more than ever: wireless only if necessary

I have been warning clients about this for years. I stumbled upon this video that explains it well:

It comes from a gaming perspective, but it also touches on issues that affect us all, especially in the first half of the video.  The conclusion of the video? There currently IS no solution… at least not one that is going to mean business as normal.

My solution remains the same: do not use wireless for things where it is only a minor inconvenience to be wired. If your computer is near your modem/router, plug it in. Use wired keyboards and mice. Don’t waste your time with wireless speakers.

Secondly, get as much of your stuff off the 2.4GHz band as possible, as that is the most contested band. Check your cordless phone: is it 2.4GHz? Replace it with a 5.8GHz or DECT set. Wireless keyboards and mice? The vast majority of them are 2.4GHz. Bluetooth also can interfere, as it resides within the 2.4GHz band (switch to a wired headset if you have problems)


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