Niggles in the Windows 10 upgrade thus far.

The most glaringly and immediate change for those I initially setup on Windows 8.1 and took it upon themselves to do the upgrade is the the Start Menu change. It overrides the “Classic Shell” I installed for Windows 8.1 users with the new Windows 10 start menu. It’s similar, but adds some of the smart tiles on the side of the menu. They both function well, but if your prefer Classic Shell, you can get the latest version here:

What I don’t like about the new start menu and the dedicated search bar beside it is how the search functions. It searches both the computer AND the web, muddying up the search results… especially since it’s the Bing search engine that is forced on you, not Google. Unfortunately, the new Cortana voice search is dependant on it, so if you disable the web search portion, you lose Cortana as well…. but it may be for the best, because…

Windows 10 collects A LOT of data on it’s users. And Microsoft is also porting much of that collection tech to Windows 7 and 8 in their updates, so NOT upgrading is not going to spare you from that.  Now, data collection is fine in-and-of-itself… very beneficial in fact with search relevance… but what concerns me is when companies’ policies and actions don’t match up.  Case in point: You can turn off a number of tracking options in Windows 10, but Microsoft doesn’t honour many of those settings and continues to “phone home”.

Cortana is, like the rest of the new search, dependant on all the data-tracking.  If you don’t care for any of that, you might as well forcefully “Cut the Line” back to Microsoft with this software:

One of the fixes the anti beacon performs may require that you disable your antivirus temporarily.

As for compatibility surprises, the only thing of note thus far is one instance of a printer driver having to be reinstalled after the upgrade.

If you have any questions, or want me to handle the upgrade for you… you know how to reach me 🙂

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