Password tips

Another year, another look back at how bad we all are at passwords. I hope none of yours are on this list!

As I’ve been saying for awhile now: if you’re not using a password manager, uses codes and easily memorable phrases (for you) instead.  Here’s an example:

Lets say your bank turned you down for a loan twice, and that’s what you remember them for. Your phrase could be “those stinkers denied me a loan twice”.

As for the code, since having at least 8 characters, one capital, and one number is a common requirement, lets include that in the code, and make sure all phases are long enough. Now, lets say the code is: first letter of each word, with the last being capitalized, and end it with the number “9”. That would make the password: “tsdmalT9”

The password is almost as good as anything from a random password generator, as you can see, but instead of remembering the password, you remember the easy-to-remember phrase, and your fingers do the rest as you say the phrase in your head. This method actually get easier the MORE passwords you have (assuming the phrases are indeed memorable and related to the service you are logging into).

If you find it too difficult, there’s no shame in using a password manager to do it all for you:



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